CRPS is a bitch

So I went to the bathroom and came back to my room. One spot on my foot felt like it was wet. I touched it, dry as a bone. Then it because like ice. By the time I could get a heating pad, the whole foot has become a block of ice. It hurts so fucking bad. Just hope the heat helps.

I’ve been annoyed all day. People keep misgendering me and I am so fucking tired of it. No matter how many times I correct them.

Hope the rest of my day isn’t going to turn into a night of fucking pain. I really won’t be able to handle it the way my mood is right now. I am so close to the edge another flare might make me jump rather than push me off. I can stand it. Something is going on with my big toe. Feels like there is a pin pushing into the tiny space between my nail and skin. Nothing is there but the nail can’t be filled as there is nothing to file or cut. I think it is because my toe swells up and the nail irritates it. If that isn’t it, I have no other ideas. I hate these new heating pads that shut off after being turned on for like a half hour or so. My thermal socks have disappeared so I can’t even put that on. Going to be a cranky bastard. My mother better not call me today. Can’t deal with her bullshit.

any thoughts?

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