Saturday Blog 28.12.19

I’ve done nothing past two days. I’ve only left my room to empty my urine bag. I haven’t eaten anything. I have no appetite. I am in a lot of pain with my ankle. It is really depressing me.

I started a blog on Boxing day but never finished it. I went out with friends for dinner. I had a good time. We had some laughs. My friend’s hubby drove us home which was nice. There wasn’t much traffic on the way home so I was glad. My friend gave me this big hood/hat that I love for Christmas. I’ll wear it on the next cold day.

With my therapist being on vacation until the following week, I am at a loss of what to do with myself. She put me in for DBT group. I don’t know how quickly that will go. I hope it doesn’t start soon. I want to be concussion free when I start it. I see the concussion doc the same day I see my therapist. I think I am getting better. I am hoping I don’t need to see PT.

Tues I see my urologist. Hope to get this catheter out of me. It is causing bladder pains so I don’t want it in that much longer. I am not running fevers so that is good. I do feel run down though and I don’t know why. Feel really sluggish. I went to the pharmacy and then took a shower. I was so wiped out afterwards. I just feel so weak. It is probably because I haven’t eaten anything but I am not sure.

Ankle pain is throbbing like crazy. I just want to cry. I’ve been on the verge of tears this whole week and have yet to shred a tear. I am so frustrated that I can’t cry. It hurts so bad inside. I feel like such a loser because I am still here. Just don’t know why I am still here. I should be dead.

any thoughts?

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