Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019

Today started off rough as I got into an argument with my mother. She had called me wondering why I didn’t go down in the morning. I didn’t feel like it because I didn’t sleep well last night. I wanted coffee but it was almost time for dinner and I knew if I had some, my appetite wouldn’t be there. I was grumpy but made it downstairs. The food was good and I overate. I made out like a bandit with Starbucks gift cards.

I’ve been feeling really low all week. Monday my mood was better when I was in therapy. The therapist noticed. It didn’t last long as by evening I was depressed again and I have been down since. I think I am getting a cold as my nose is running tonight. I think the virus I have been avoiding the past two weeks has caught up to me.

Therapist wants me to start a DBT group. I told her I would try but no guarantees that this will be completed. I am juggling so many medical appointments as it is and throw in psych and physical therapy, my schedule is suddenly full. I am not sure I will have more than 3 appointments for PT as the concussion is getting better finally. I see the concussion doc the beginning of the new year. The first full week in Jan I have four appointments. Such a busy week and I am not looking forward to it. I still have this behavioral med psychologist I am seeing. I see him next week. I don’t see the point in seeing him but the therapist really stressed meeting with him so I will.

Uro called me yesterday. I have an appointment next week with my doc about this fricken catheter. I am sort of getting used to it but now sediment is starting to build up in it. I just hope no bacteria grows. I really don’t want an infection again. I have a love/hate relationship right now with the damn thing. The pain in the ass is having to empty the bag. The larger bag is not a huge deal but the smaller one I have to really watch how much I am drinking when I am out. Tomorrow I am to meet up with some friends and go out for dinner. I am nervous about it. Just hope it will be okay.

any thoughts?

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