kind of a blah day

Kind of a blah day

I was able to shave and shower today. My back is still flared up from it. I have been trying to rest it out but might need to take something. My ankle is flared up too. Always happens when I shower. I just took some pain meds and an Ativan because my back is cramping up painfully.

I didn’t do much today except rest. I am really tired for some reason. I see my pcp tomorrow morning. I hope I have a brain. Morning appointments are can be a challenge for me. I have somethings I want to discuss with him, mostly getting fasting labs. I think this will be my physical as I haven’t had one in a while.

I have been in a blah mood all day. I haven’t felt any energy or anything all day. I started writing a friend a letter and I couldn’t even finish it. I want to keep this blog going but I think today I am just going to write 250 words rather than 500 so at least I have some accomplishment for the day.

My PCP wanted me to contact uro on the urethral pain I am having and she got back to me. I am to have another culture and then follow up with her or her NP. Fun. And it will be virtually so I don’t have to worry about an exam or leaving with a catheter. It really feels like nerve pain but from what I don’t know. Weird that all of a sudden this happens.

Sox are playing the Jays tonight. The last game in the series. Nate Eovaldi is on the mound. I hope he can be nasty. We need a win after we got slapped silly yesterday. I am starting to think Fenway is cursed. We haven’t been successful in winning games there.

any thoughts?

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