a mixed Sunday

A mixed Sunday

Sox are getting their asses whopped on by the Blue Jays. Right now the score is 9-1 in the 4th. Pitiful. Starting to think there is a curse at Fenway as we just can’t win games there anymore.

I talked with a cousin today. She read my memoir, Midnight Demon. She had no idea the struggles I went through over the years. We talked for about a half hour about things. She said that she had known I was masculine throughout my childhood but didn’t think I would be trans. She said it was hard to transition. I get it. But she makes an effort and that is all that matters.

Today is another warm day. I have the AC going. I am so tired though and don’t know why. I slept pretty good. I only woke up around midnight to pee and then went back to sleep, thankfully. I didn’t wake up till 7 when my bladder was full again. My sister was in the shower so I had to wait a little bit. She took forever. I need to take a shower one of these days. Maybe tomorrow or later tonight. I don’t have to worry about my sister and I fighting because she and my other sister went to the casinos for the night.

I had dinner with my mother. She made spaghetti with sauce. It was good. I feel like having a cup of coffee but it’s almost 1700 and if I do, I will be up all night. I didn’t have two cups like I wanted today. I didn’t get up till around noon for my first cup.

I am in pain today. My ankle is flaring up. Probably because the humidity is up. I have been trying to stay off it to let it calm down but it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to get up to do my meds and get more Gatorade by the bedside. My legs are shot today for some reason. They really hurt when I stand up. My calf muscle is getting better. It is becoming less painful to the touch, which I am glad because I was worried I would have gone to the ED for evaluation.

Sucks the Sox had a day game. Now I got nothing to do tonight. The final score was 18-4 so I am glad I didn’t listen to it. I think Fenway is cursed because we have not been good at winning games there for some time. My jaw has been hurting me all day. I don’t know why it is so fricken tense. I need to see my dentist for a cleaning and for him to look at it. My last cleaning was before the pandemic. I was supposed to go in Jan of last year but I canceled it when I knew I was having back surgery. Hard to believe back surgery was only a year ago.

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