Saturday Blog Post 12062021

Saturday Blog Post 12062021

I’ve been up since 0630. I woke up and felt energized but in a lethargic way as my brain was in a fog. A half hour later, my mother let the tea kettle whistle for more than 10 minutes and I got pissed off so went downstairs to shut it off. I was near the bottom of the stairs when she turned it off. I was so mad. I told her she woke me up with the fucking kettle and she said good. NO! Not good!! Who the hell wants to be up before 8am on a damn Saturday?? I started making my coffee and then decided I was going to get her a deaf kettle so that it lights up rather than whistles. I swear sometimes she doesn’t hear the thing.

I had asked my nephew if he would go to the pharmacy for me but he never responded. My sister had to go to get my niece snacks so she gave me a ride. Thank god because my legs are still killing me and I am in a lot of pain with my ankle. It has been raining off and on today so I think that is why I am hurting. I am glad there wasn’t a line at the pharmacy so I didn’t have to wait too long to get my meds and get out. I found out you can use food stamps at the pharmacy so that is cool. Now whenever I need creamer or ice cream, I can pay for it using my card.

The new update now has weather status on my taskbar. That is pretty cool. I want to clear my bed off today but I don’t know if I will be able to do it. I just woke up from a nap and feel oozy. I thought I was going to fall backward while I was putting on my PJs when I came home from the pharmacy. It was not a good feeling. I still feel really tired and I don’t know why as I slept pretty good last night. For the first time in weeks I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. I think it is probably because I went to bed close to 2300. Pain was keeping me up.

I asked my pcp for a referral to a dermatologist because a couple of birth marks I have has changed. One turned black and the other has become rough. The rough one is on my left arm and the other is on my left thigh. I have a particular doctor I want to see as she was my father’s doctor. I really liked her so would like to see her.

My right calf is still painful from what the physical therapist did on Wed. It is getting better though. The swelling has gone down, which is good. I was getting worried that I would have to go to the emergency room for a possible blood clot. If it is still bothering me when I see my PCP on Tues, I will let him know and maybe he can just order an ultrasound just to be on the safe side of things. I got a burger I took out the other day that I plan on making for my lunch/dinner tonight. I also want to make some white rice as I have been craving it for a while now. I wanted to have it last night but I guess my mother didn’t want to make it. They had the jasmine rice and I wanted to buy it but my mother doesn’t like that kind so I didn’t.

any thoughts?

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