grumpy day turns ok

Grumpy day turns ok

I woke up around 1am to pee and had a difficult time getting back to sleep. I contemplated staying up but by 5 I was hungry so ordered food. The Uber driver didn’t text me so the food was cold by the time I woke up at 6. He didn’t get a tip. I ate and then went to sleep until my med alarm went off. I dozed a little too long so I couldn’t have coffee. I was not happy. My mother said good morning to me when she saw me and I got grumpier. I drank half of the coffee I made before having to leave to catch the bus so I could get my haircut. I was supposed to go to the post office and to the grocery store so I could get some more Gatorade but I was too sleepy to remember these things. I will go to the post office tomorrow. I ordered my groceries so my Gatorade will be delivered in the morning.

I was in a better mood when I got to my barber. He cut my hair like he always does. I love it. I usually get the same cut each time I see him. I contemplated going to get my passport picture done but I didn’t like the shirt I was wearing and want to wear a button down. I’ll probably get it done on Friday. That is the only thing that I need to have done other than to make an appointment to get my stuff processed.

After my haircut, I went to Starbucks for my macchiato and a sandwich. As I was returning to the station, the bus left. I had to wait twenty minutes for the next one which gave me time to eat and drink my drink. I got my headphones on and started listening to Taylor. Been listening to the Fearless (Taylor’s version) all afternoon. I came home exhausted and thought about making a cup of coffee. I had a headache that continues to bother me. My pcp got back to me about them as I have been having them since last Friday. He said not to take Tylenol because it could be a rebound headache I am having. So my head hurts and I can’t take anything for it. Brilliant!

I continued to work on the Suicide Thoughts Workbook when I got comfy in my bed/office. The chapter I was on dealt with crisis planning. I hate crisis planning because I never have the same plan for the crisis I am experiencing. I generally have one but I have written it down so many times or read about so many different ones that I just use whatever whenever the need arises. I am up to chapter 5 in this workbook and it is so tough working through it. I am finding it helpful though. I will review it on several platforms when I am done, including my blog.

any thoughts?

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