Saturday Blog 26062021

Saturday Blog 26062021

My new AC has arrived. I am waiting for my brother in law to put it in. The one I have is old and only works on one setting, low. It has served me well over 10 years so time to upgrade. I think the one I have is a “smart” one so I can have the settings on my phone. That would be great when I am coming home I can turn it on and cool the room off.  I’ve made a path in my room for my brother in law to work with. I just hope it is big enough.

I had coffee and quiche for breakfast. I think I am going to have a black bean burger for lunch/dinner. I’ll have it with my new bread that I bought that is flourless. It has whole grains and lentils in it. Just hope I like it. It is going to be hot this weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be 97. I might make iced coffee tomorrow.

Last night I watched one of my favorite Red Sox players retire and enter the HOF. A lot of former Red Sox came and it was good to see them again. Mike Lowell hasn’t aged and is still handsome as ever. He is my all-time favorite third baseman. No one could hold the corners like him and Youkilis. They were amazing and fun to watch. I wish I could watch the games but listening to the radio has been fun too.

I’ve been trying to clear my bed off but I get so overwhelmed with what to do with the stuff I just clear a little off and then have to rest my back because it flares up. I took down a bag of recycling today and I was so out of breath on the way back up the stairs. My PT has said that the breath part of Covid is the last to go away. I am feeling my energy come back slowly but when I do stuff the next day has to be a rest day still because I get so damn tired. If I don’t rest, the next day is even harder to stay awake, no matter how much coffee I drink.

I done what I could to clear off my bed but my back is still not cooperating with me and hurts really bad. I am going to quit now before I hurt more or injure myself. I put most of my clothes away so that was good. Also got rid of the mail that had accumulated in the corner. What I didn’t finish today will be done tomorrow. I am hurting too much right now to finish.

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  1. Yes but it seems possessed. It will randomly change speeds or shut off if I have the Eco function on. Scares me when it goes off and on so I have to keep that function off. The humidity here sucks big time

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