a muggy but cool Saturday

A muggy but cool Saturday

I had a shitty sleep as I kept on waking up to pee. I was also hot so I turned on the AC. I took my morning meds late and then had coffee. Only thing I have to do today is go to the pharmacy to pick up my meds. I am waiting for one of them to be done before I go.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I was in pain and I was wicked tired. I pretty much just slept the whole day. I know it was because I did a lot on Thursday. I still can’t believe the CRPS is spreading. I just hope it doesn’t go up my leg. I still feel pretty down about it. I told my youngest sister and she texted me at 4 am with treatment options from the UK. I know a lot of people in the UK with CRPS and they haven’t been helped much by the treatment. It is only good if you get it within the first year of diagnosis.

I’ve been watching community and realized it is such a hetero show. It is funny though, but in a stupid way. I have no idea why I am continuing to watch it. But it breaks up the monotony of my day so I guess I will watch it until the end.

I am really tired today. I am having my second cup of coffee to try and wake up. Usually a second cup does ward of the tireds. I am still waiting for the pharmacy to let me know my prescription is ready. I might just go after I finish my coffee. It has been in process for a few hours now.

I am listening to Taylor Swift again. I can only go so long without hearing her. It has been ages since I last heard Mary Chapin Carpenter. My music changes. I am supposed to be working on the suicidal thoughts workbook but I can’t seem to open it. It is dealing with pain and I just can’t deal right now. It is hard to write about.

PT really helped my back. I feel like I can move without pain now. I haven’t had cramps when I stand. Today when I go out will be the test. I am not having PT this week due to scheduling issues. I am meeting with my surgeon this week to go over pre op stuff. I am also meeting with my psychiatrist after a few schedule changes. I am going to ask him about a medication change for depression. The citalopram just isn’t working for me like I hoped it would. I could go up on the dose as I am on a medium dose right now. But I don’t know if I want to do that. There isn’t anything new out there that I haven’t tried. The medication the neurologist wants me to try might cause nausea. I hate nausea.

any thoughts?

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