10 Commonalities of Suicide

I. The common purpose of suicide is to seek a solution.
II. The common goal of suicide is cessation of consciousness.
III. The common stimulus in suicide is intolerable psychological pain.
IV. The common stressor in suicide is frustrated psychological needs.
V. The common emotion in suicide is hopelessness-helplessness.
VI. The common cognitive state in suicide is ambivalence.
VII. The common perceptual state in suicide is constriction.
VIII. The common action in suicide is egression.
IX. The common interpersonal act in suicide is communication of intention.
X. The common consistency in suicide is with lifelong coping patterns.

Shneidman, Suicidal Mind

8 thoughts on “10 Commonalities of Suicide

  1. Interesting that I woke up to this having been reblogged by several of my Bloggie Friends (you know who you are). I also woke up with a new song in my head–that is how my songs get written, in my dreams, so I can’t take much credit for them–I will be posting about that soon. I’m still foggy from my nighttime drugs. Thanks for this list. It makes a lot of sense. I’m glad to land back on your page, too, as I have been wondering how you are doing, IF you are doing (my last blog post was about “how much suffering is too much?” type of thing…..thank you so much for giving, for sharing the wisdom your life brings you…love from befuddled Laura…


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