Did a lot so paying the price

I went to PT despite being really tired as I’ve been up since 330a. She wanted me to work the bike for 7 mins but I was only able to do 4. My thighs were killing me. She massaged my back and neck and gave me yet another tennis ball to work out the knots in my back. She said to use a pillow case to get the ball where it needed to be. It worked so will do that.

I ordered groceries but was so fucking tired. Pain seized up my leg, ankle, and foot so I wasn’t able to bring them.up the stairs. My sister brought up some then flipped out when she saw I bought more breakfast biscuits. Don’t know why it is her business but she literally went off the handle and I’m the one in therapy. The aggravation did *wonders* for my pain so now I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow morning.

I get paid tomorrow so I am going to buy some whiskey. I need to get drunk. Just hope I don’t drunk text my therapist.

Here is a cute pic of a tabby kitten with a teddy bear in blue striped pajamas. It was part of a video and I screen shotted the end. It was so cute when the owner handed the kitten the bear. The excitement was adorable. Makes me smile.

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