a blah fricken day

Just a blah fricken day

I’ve been in a blah mood all day. I can’t seem to shake it. I had a good sleep. Taking the melatonin around 1900 and then taking my meds have been working out for me. I need to shave today but I don’t have the energy to do it. I wanted to cook chicken but I got my mother to do it. I emptied my recycle as tomorrow is trash day. I got a little bit of energy but it quickly went away soon as I caught my breath from the stairs. I just want to sleep. I had two cups of coffee today and it hasn’t done anything for my energy levels.

Today was T shot day so I took my shot. It hurt but so far hasn’t upset my thigh. I had to inject into my left thigh which is always a gamble on if I am going to get nerve pain. I didn’t even bleed so I saved a bandaid. I wanted to go out today but I just felt like shit. My arms are kind of sore from PT yesterday. My new weights were delivered yesterday and are still in the box. I will take them out tomorrow when I will workout for the first time. I am excited about it.

I wrote my therapist a message about wanting do to trauma work. I meet with her tomorrow and we’ll see what she says. I’ve been thinking a lot about all the shit I have been through. I think it is part of the reason why I have insomnia and bad/weird dreams.

I just had dinner and I feel so tired. I could go to sleep right now. I don’t know why I am so friggin tired. I hate feeling this way. It is a real struggle to keep my eyes open. Maybe I should have another cup of coffee. This is ridiculous.

any thoughts?

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