I woke up around 430 this morning. According to my app that detects sleep, I was asleep for 5 hrs and 40 mins. I went pee and stayed up for a little bit. Around 6 I crashed and fell back to sleep. I woke up around 8 thinking I overslept for PT. I didn’t thank god. I had another cup of coffee and then made some quiche. It wasn’t as good as the BJ brand but it was ok.

At PT I did a machine for 8 minutes and then my PT massaged my shoulders and back. It felt so good. Then she had me do weights. I asked her what kind of stuff I can do with the 5 lbs weight as I bought two and she showed me some exercises. I am really excited about this because I really want to work on my upper body, safely.

After PT, I missed the bus home so took the bus to the Square to get Starbucks and a sandwich. I had a mocha with 4 shots espresso. It was so good. I forgot how good they were. It has been sometime since I had a mocha. I came home and tried to work on my blog but I was so tired. I took a nap. I didn’t wake up till my med alarm went off for my PM dose. I couldn’t really sleep anyway as my foot kept feeling like it was going to spasm on me so I kept moving it around to prevent it cramping. I had to go pee again and I just made it to the bathroom as my bowels exploded. That was unexpected. I did my business and then washed my hands really good as I was going to make dinner. I took some chicken out but I didn’t feel like cooking. My mother made a pasta dish so I was left on my own. I will make the chicken tomorrow.

I had a bowl of cereal. I wanted to make rice but I wanted some protein with it. I will make it tomorrow with the chicken. I feel so drained I just want to go back to sleep but my foot still feels off. I just took a Zanaflex to try and make it stop feeling the way it does.

Last night I took my night meds an hour later and the melatonin an hour earlier. I still didn’t sleep through the entire night but I got some good sleep. I am going to do the same thing tonight and see if that helps. I think I am going to be sore tomorrow as the weights were heavy as I was working with them. Plus going out afterwards wasn’t planned but I liked going to Starbucks. I wish I brought my bag with me.

Last night while cathing I had mucus come out of the tube and it shocked me. I never had this happen before so I asked a doctor friend of mine and she said it was ok as long as it doesn’t happen all the time. I am glad I didn’t have to call the urgent med line at my uro’s office because sometimes it is a long wait. I am glad it wasn’t a serious issue. I have been cathing all day and have had no problems. Grateful for that.

any thoughts?

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