change of linens

Change of linens

I had no appointments today so decided to change my linens on my bed. It took me an hour to clear off my bed and then another hour to change the sheets. My back was in agony. I then decided to shower and forgot a change of clothes so wrapped myself in the towel and went up to my room. It was so much cooler to get dressed than the bathroom. I forgot to put the vent on so it was hot.

I decided to update my laptop with updates and it took forever. I was glad I did it when I didn’t have any zoom meetings to attend. I got wicked tired from waiting. I want to take a nap but am afraid I won’t sleep well if I do. I want to listen to the Sox game tonight.

I have been trying to drink fluids because I have been sweating a lot and have such a headache from the heat. The heat is not helping my energy levels. I only had one cup of coffee today so I am kind of sluggish. Changing my bed was the high priority today because tomorrow I am going out with some friends for a lunch date. It should be fun.

My ankle flared up a half hour ago. I tried to ignore it while I laid down for a bit because I was so tired but it is still hurting me. I am going to take my night meds early along with BT meds to quiet it down. I know I did too much on my feet today. Now to listen to the Sox.

any thoughts?

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