having a bad day 12082021

Having a bad day 12082021

I woke up three hours after my med alarm went off. I just shut it off and went back to sleep. I wasn’t in a good mood. I was wicked tired and moody. I went to have my coffee but my mother needed help with her phone call because she couldn’t hear the lady on the other end. It took twenty minutes to get sorted and I am still waiting for the damn email they supposedly would be sending me.

I had an hour to kill before my therapy appointment and decided to call my cell company and find out why I am still being charged for my second line. Turns out they have no record of the call I made a few weeks ago when I canceled it. Took an hour and 10 minutes to sort out. I was late for therapy and I was not happy about it. We talked about the upcoming surgery and how nervous I was about it. I will have family around but whether or not they will help me out is another matter. I told my mother today I was having surgery and she said I was making a mistake. I got really upset. I hung up the phone with her.

I had my uro appointment and that was even more depressing. To avoid straining, I am to cath all the time now, every three hours or so. Just fucking great. It’s either I do this or have pain when I void. I will cath but that doesn’t mean I am happy about it. She said straining isn’t good for me and I agree it isn’t. I am to follow up 4-5 weeks after surgery to see how I am doing.

I ordered roast beef from my favorite restaurant for lunch. It was very good. Better than the last time I had it which was last year. I was disappointed I didn’t get onion rings with my order even though I ordered them. I got fries instead. It was still good. I am having a cousins zoom meeting tonight. I am hosting so I need to wake up. I might have a cup of coffee as I am kind of dragging right now. I just want to go to sleep.

Sox are fricken losing to the Rays. They have a shitty pitcher pitching so he gave up three runs. I still think Fenway is cursed.

any thoughts?

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