pre-op and Starbucks

Pre op testing and Starbucks

I had a morning interview today about chronic pain and depression. I was being interviewed to see if I would be an advocate for an organization call Vote for Cure. I agreed to become one to advocate for chronic pain in Massachusetts. It involves writing letters to editors and to members of Congress in support for those suffering from chronic illnesses and mental illness.

I then went to the hospital so I could drop off a urine specimen for pre op testing. So far my urine is clean so there should be no problems for surgery. After the lab, I went to Starbucks for a mocha and a sandwich. I ate there and then hurried to catch the bus home. I was listening to Taylor Swift’s new song Renegade that is out by Big Red Machine. It is a very cool song. I love it.

My sister called me this morning to confirm going out to dinner tonight with my cousin. It should be fun. I just got to make sure I am hydrated because it is so fricken hot out and I was sweating pretty bad on the way home. I don’t want to get a headache again. It is very hot out. I hate it so much. It is going to be hot the next few days. I talked with a friend yesterday and she wants to have a get together before my surgery. I told her that was fine. We will be going to my favorite Thai food restaurant in Boston. I told them I will meet them there as I am north of Boston and it will not make sense to get me and then go back to Boston. The T is right there that I can take and the bus runs like every half hour on Saturday.

Sox lost again last night. They are on a losing streak right now. It is very depressing. They are playing the Rays who have taken over 1st place since we are down. We are in 2nd place currently but will easily slip to 3rd if we keep losing. It has been very stressful to see this happen. I personally think Fenway is cursed as their home record isn’t so great this season. They seem to be better on the road than at home and they are home the next 10 or so games. There are only 47 games left in the season. We need to start playing better and win more games if we are going to be in the playoffs. Hopefully with Sale coming back off the injury list we have a better chance.

any thoughts?

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