PT and groceries

PT and groceries

My PT was like 20 minutes late for our appointment. She was running behind and was doing a procedure on a patient so she was just late. I had it virtually because my legs were hurting too much to walk. We had done a few exercises after I gave a recap about how I was doing. I told her how I was sitting and she wanted me to put a pillow under my calves so they are supported. I have been doing that and I feel more comfortable this way. I am not getting as much shin pain as I was getting.

I had a shitty time sleeping. I tried having a nap and failed. I had my groceries delivered by the time I decided to get up. I brought up four bags of Gatorade. Each bag had like 10 bottles in it. It took a while to bring everything up. I was tired and sweaty. I had Chipotle for lunch and I am still full from it. They gave me a lot of food. It was so good.

My back is bothering me so bad but I am resting. I don’t think I am going to take the remaining two bags up tonight. I got contacted by someone doing research on chronic pain experiences and the person will be calling me tomorrow morning.

I took my night meds early. I hope to be sleeping before 9 tonight. I am paying attention to the game remotely through the MLB website. I am in a lot of pain from dragging the Gatorade up the stairs. My neck hurts and my back is still hurting despite resting. I might have to take some BT meds with Tylenol. I can’t take NSAIDs like ibuprofen because I am so close to surgery. I am so frigging tired. I hope I sleep tonight without waking up at all. I am having stabbing thigh pain so I just took some gabapentin. I know it is nerve pain. I think the next time the shot is up for my left, I will just give it to my right instead and then wait. Hopefully time will heal this flare up.

any thoughts?

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