a fantastic Saturday 14082021

A fantastic Saturday 14082021

I went out with friends this afternoon for lunch. It was a good time. We had some laughs. I will see my friend on Wed when she picks me up after my surgery. It was great seeing her today while I wasn’t under the influence.

I came home in time for the game. Sale pitched well today with 8 strikeouts. The Sox are currently winning 14-2 in the 5th. Last night my radio’s batteries died so I didn’t hear the rest of the game. I was lucky to find the cord today so I can listen to the game today.

My ankle started to flare up on the way home. It is still bothering me. I plan on taking my night meds soon so I will take my BT meds with it. I have been drinking a lot because I sweat a lot today. It was very humid and hot on the walk home.

I came home exhausted. I am really struggling to stay awake. I thought about having a cup of coffee but it was 6pm when I looked at the clock. Much too late to have a cup. I made it to the end of the game so that has to count for something. I am still awake. I probably will be for another hour or so and then go to bed.

I just plan on resting tomorrow and to pack my bag for the hospital. I just need to make sure I have catheters and pads. I plan on wearing PJ shorts so I am comfortable. I will take an Uber to the hospital. I have a few appointments before surgery. I have my final PT appointment Tues. I go for Covid testing Mon and in the afternoon I have therapy.

I am a little nervous about after surgery, like how many times will I have to cath. I want to stay hydrated so I am sure I will be going to the bathroom quite a bit but that also means going up and down stairs a lot. I might bring down some bottles of Gatorade and just sit on the couch for a bit in between to rest so I don’t go up and down so much. I have no idea what the weather will be like but the house is always too hot for me, even with the ceiling fan in the living room and sometimes my mother shuts it off because she gets cold. I have Ensure to live off of for a bit. I don’t have a full case. There isn’t time to get one and I don’t think I will be needing one.

any thoughts?

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