post op day 7 hysterectomy

Post op day 7 hysterectomy

I really hate this infection I got. I am leaking discharge and it smells bad. I had my pad covered when I got up this morning so I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with therapy. And the antibiotic is terrible. I have to swallow it quick before my mouth fills up with bitterness. I woke up with pain today and it was not really bad but it woke me from my nap later in the day as well as my bladder that is on a two to three hour schedule. Driving me fucking nuts. Doesn’t help that I have a UTI. I am just a mess and aggravated.

Therapy went good. I got validated about my past abuse and it felt good. I felt like I made some progress today. We spent the session talking about the abuse. She asked what I was going to do between sessions and I said go to Starbucks. She hesitated about this. She asked if I was well enough. I said I was. It will be good for me to get out of the house and into some routine. I can’t carry my backpack because it is too heavy but I can carry my journal. I also said I would shave and shower. I did and now I am wiped out. I am just feeling out of sorts right now. I don’t know if it is the heat or the infection. I am not running a fever. I just feel rotten. It is 90 degrees out right now. I hate it so bad.

Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. UGH. I will freeze in Starbucks though. It will be good to go out. Other than going to the hosp Monday, I haven’t left the house. My room is the only room that has AC so I tend to stay in my room all day when it is hot out. I could go for a mocha right now. I would have ordered it from UberEats but it was kind of late and I didn’t want the espresso to keep me up.

any thoughts?

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