Sunday Blog 29082021

Sunday Blog 29082021

I lost my blog streak yesterday when I didn’t post my Saturday blog. I thought I did before logging off when the Sox won but I realized this morning I didn’t. 87 straight days gone. Oh well. I am a little disappointed in myself but at least I wrote something.

I have felt like shit all day. The abdomen pain has been non-stop. It started this morning when I had a full bladder and bowels. I ended up crapping myself so it wasn’t a good morning. I wasn’t in the mood for my coffee. I drank like a quarter of it before I stopped drinking it. I was just so damn tired and in pain. I slept most of the afternoon but it wasn’t a good sleep because the roofers next door were making so much noise. They are still working on the roof. Been three days. WTF.

Today started off cool but now is muggy again. I just turned the AC back on. It is humid in my room. I did my meds for the week. One of the compartments for my morning meds had a melted pill. I never noticed it till now so I cleaned it before I put pills in it.

I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow morning. I plan on taking an Uber there. I am going to ask her to order a urine test as I think I have an infection. I am not sure if the broad spectrum she had me on took care of it or not. It would just ease my mind to know that I didn’t infect myself because of the vaginal discharge, which I still have. I thought it was going away but there was more this afternoon when I cathed. I don’t know if I am going to keep my therapy appointment this week. Sitting hurts too much right now and I feel so shitty. I will make the decision tomorrow after I meet with the surgeon.

any thoughts?

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