an exhausting painful day

An exhausting painful day

My day started with arguing with my therapist about canceling my appointment with her tomorrow. I told her I wasn’t feeling well and she basically asked how I could know a day in advance that I wouldn’t be well. When I came home, I texted her that my bladder has been causing me pain and sitting hurts. She gave me an appointment for next week and said to feel better.

I went to see my surgeon about my pain. She is really wonderful. She was concerned about my pain and so had ordered tests to see what was wrong. CT showed no abscess but my bladder was full after I had cathed. She thinks I am not emptying so she advised to cath after voiding, something I have been loathed to do but now can’t avoid anymore. It took 7 tries to get blood work today. I was not happy. I have bruises all over my arms and hands. It took three tries for an IV for the CT. So I  was stuck 10 times today for vein access. I was at the hospital for five hours. And peed three times. My urologist doesn’t think that is significant. I am frustrated that my bladder is causing me so much problems. I am also nervous about my blood work. It hasn’t come back yet. Depending on it and the urine culture, might mean more antibiotics.

I took an Uber home even though it costed me a lot of money. I should have taken a cab home as that probably would have been cheaper. I had to cath when I got home and there was a lot of urine in my bladder even though I haven’t really had anything to drink all day except three cups of water and whatever the contrast was. I haven’t eaten supper or lunch. I don’t really know what I want. My mother is making rice with her stir fry so I might have some rice.

My blood work just came back. I don’t have an elevated white count so I don’t have an infection but I still am waiting on urine culture to come back, which will be sometime tomorrow if negative, Wed if Positive. My CRP level is slightly above normal but that is expected given I have a chronic inflammatory condition. The rest of my blood work was normal.

The humidity has gone up again. I can’t stand being in the kitchen. I was sweating so much. My sister offered me a burger and I accepted. I am going to have that for dinner. I need the protein. I have decided that I am going to empty my bladder every three hours, more if needed. I hate the pain it is causing me to be semi full and the pain gets worse when I am full. I also need to measure my urine to see how much I am outputting.

I am completely exhausted. Going to have my burger and then relax with the game. I wish I could have a beer or a shot of whiskey but I am on opioids so I can’t drink. Plus the antibiotic I am on reacts badly to alcohol. Sucks.

any thoughts?

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