a day of the tireds

A day of the tireds

I pretty much slept all day despite sleeping at least 7 hours through the night. I woke up at 5 after going to bed at nine. First time that has happened in a long time. I of course had to empty my bladder. I am still discouraged that I need to empty it every few hours. I have just taken my night meds so drank some fluids. I probably will empty my bladder again in a few hours and then hopefully sleep through the night again.

I had a meeting with my psychiatrist. He was helpful to vent to about the bladder stuff. He asked how it was going with the new antidepressant/pain med and I said there hasn’t been much change. I am supposed to increase the dose to 100 mg after six weeks. I will need to talk to neuro about that before I do it. We briefly talked about how therapy was going. I said it was going. No major changes or anything. I forgot to tell him I had some akathisia the other night. Oh well. If it happens again, I will tell him. It seems to happen more when I don’t get a good night of sleep for a few nights.

I have decided to stop taking my uro meds for a few days. I want to see if there is a change in my bladder. Worse that can happen is that I won’t have the urge but I cath so it doesn’t really matter. I am not getting a clear answer from urology about this so I am just doing what I think is best for right now. I hate going to the bathroom every few hours or less. It is driving me crazy. I got a message from my uro who said she would have me see the NP as she is out of office at the moment. I have an appointment with the NP in two weeks as a follow up to the hysterectomy. The good news is that with me controlling what I drink and putting me on a schedule,  I haven’t experienced as much pain as I was in yesterday. I have been cathing if I get the slightest discomfort even if that is an hour after I had cathed. I am still leaking discharge from the infection I have so am still wearing pads. I want to go back to my boxers so damn bad.

I wanted to go out today but I was just so damn tired despite sleeping a good night sleep. I still am kind of sleepy and can probably go back to sleep. I really need to rest.

any thoughts?

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