Saturday Blog 28082021

Saturday Blog 28082021

Last night I bought some soup that was Panera and it had ginger in it. I reacted so I took some Benadryl. I was out by 8pm. I have been listening to the Sox all afternoon. Game is in the 10th inning now as they have been knotted at 2 since the second or third inning. They have had chance but no good hits until now!! JD hits a 3 run homerun 5-2 lead. OMG fucking awesome. Sox win 5-3 in the 10th. OMG the bottom of the tenth had me going…

I still have this stupid infection and I can’t help but think I have accidently infected my bladder because of the gook that is on my skin from the discharge. I am going to have start using the cleansing wipes to really clean myself before inserting the catheter. The problem is the urge to pee doesn’t always allow me time to do this so I have been voiding more, which is good I guess. I have been peeing frequently and I can’t do anything until Monday. These weekend infections so suck. I stuck taking pyridium to try and control the urges to pee. It is still painful to void as I am straining.

I didn’t do anything today. I was told to limit my activity because of the abdomen pain which I still have. If it gets worse I am to go to the ED. It has been the same for most of the day so I have just sat and listened to the game. I finished one of the antibiotics yesterday. I am still taking the gross one. I still have to take it till Thursday I think.

My brother in law’s sister passed away yesterday. It has been a rough time. I also found out a dear friend passed away yesterday as well. I am not sure when he died but news of it made me sad all day and then when I got my sister in law’s news, I was more distraught. There won’t be services for her. She will just be cremated.

It was finally cool today, windy as hell but cool. I finally turned my AC off for the first time all week. I wish the temps could stay like this. Yesterday was brutal. I got my haircut and did some shopping at the grocery store. I didn’t get anything heavy. I am still under restrictions for the next 7 weeks.

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