saturday blog 18092021

Saturday Blog 18092021

Yesterday I got my flu shot so today I just have been sleeping most of the day. I went out three times yesterday because I had to do stuff and I think that just added to my exhaustion. My uro appointment went well. She was ok with me increasing the bladder spasm medication. She just warned me about constipation with it. I have been taking the Miralax regularly so I should be ok.

Sox won their 85th game today. I slept through most of it as it was a day game. They won last night too. I am glad Bogaerts is back in the lineup. He was on the Covid list for a while. I am glad he is doing better.

I need to shave today. I haven’t in the past few days because I was busy. I will probably do it later tonight. I haven’t showered in a few days either but I don’t think that is happening today. I just feel so damn tired I don’t want to do anything. I had one cup of coffee today with some biscuits. I haven’t eaten anything else. I might have cereal later if I get hungry. I bought new cereal. I like the Quaker oatmeal squares honey nut. It is really good.

any thoughts?

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