sunday blog 10102021

Sunday Blog 10102021

I woke up twice during the night to pee and both times my shoulder was in agony. I just want to sleep today so I won’t be going to the doctors like I wanted to. I am just so damn tired. Also my bladder hurts really bad for some reason. If I am awake for the game that would be good. I missed game two because I needed sleep. I don’t know why I have been so damn tired lately. Not sure if it is because I am in pain or the depression or both.

Last night I read a chapter in the book Medical Apartheid. Then I colored for a bit to get the images out of my head. I colored in the adult coloring book so it took me about an hour to do. I was picky about the colors. I got done around 2200 and then I went to sleep, only to wake up a couple hours later to pee. I honestly think this disruption in my sleep cycle because of urinating is causing me to feel tired during the day. Sometimes I can fight through the sleepiness but days like today are hard. I really don’t feel well and just want to hunker down and be under the covers.

Tomorrow is Marathon Monday where the Boston Marathon will be taking place in Boston. I will be avoiding the city like the plague. I hate crowds and I have no reason to be in town anyways. Sox will be playing but I am not sure the time yet. I think they will be wearing their yellow uniforms. Hope it brings them luck. The series is tied at 1 right now. I just hope Nate can be nasty tonight.

I have a slow week. I just have therapy this week, no other appointments. I am going to go grocery shopping with my cousin Wed as I forgot to get a couple of things when I placed my grocery order last week. I just hope my arm is better by then. It is so sore that just lifting a gallon of milk hurts. Actually, lifting anything hurts. Just moving hurts. Yesterday I had some numbness going down to my hand but that resolved itself thankfully. I looked at my upcoming appointments and see that uro has scheduled me for urodynamic study for Nov. Would have been nice if they sent me a message. I am glad it is in the afternoon rather than the morning, which probably means I will be there for a couple of hours. Maybe I will treat myself to Thai food afterwards for dinner.

I need to do my meds for the week. That is the only thing I have to do today. I plan on doing it before the start of the ball game. I am thinking about using diclofenac gel for my arm. It sometimes helps with the pain. But I have been taking ibuprofen so mixing the two, even though one is systemic and the other isn’t, isn’t a good combo as it could cause stomach upset. I will wait a few hours and then put the gel on. If I get some relief it will be better than none.

any thoughts?

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