Saturday Blog 09102021

Saturday Blog 09102021

I can’t believe another Saturday is upon us. The weeks just seem to be flying by. It’s already October. I didn’t write yesterday because I was tired. Two nights of no sleep because of pain and I slept all day yesterday. I tried to keep my arm as still as possible. It still hurts but not as bad. I need to take a shower today. And shave. I don’t remember the last time I shaved but it has been a while.

Thursday I deactivated my Facebook account. I feel good about it. Now I am just on Twitter. I have a greater following on Twitter than I did on FB. I still have Instagram but I think I am going to take that down as well.

The cooler weather looks like it is here to stay for a while. My dry skin has returned on my legs. They are so itchy. Hopefully a shower will help. I almost turned the AC on last night as I got really hot but I got comfortable after I took off the fleece throw I have on the bed. Not sure what I want to do today. I am thinking of going to Urgent care to get my shoulder looked at but I don’t feel like taking the T today. I should get my arm checked as the pain is going down into my hand.

My niece had invited me over to her new apartment for dinner but I was in too much pain to go. I felt bad as I really wanted to see her. I am sure I will have other chances to go to her apartment. I had a bowl of cereal this morning then I had coffee. I needed coffee today.

I can’t believe how much my shoulder and arm still hurt three days later. I still don’t have good range of motion. I think I am going to have to go back to PT for it. Just sucks. My right knee is sore but it is getting better. I bruised both knees when I fell but landed more on my right than my left. I scraped my knee pretty good. I just hope when I shower, the water doesn’t sting.

any thoughts?

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