eight days!!

Eight days!

Eight days till Taylor Swift comes out with her version of RED. I pre ordered the album CD because I want to hold them and go over everything. I also want to play them on my CD player after I burn it to my phone. I cannot wait for this CD to hear new Taylor songs. I am really excited about this album.

I had a tiring day. I rested more today than I did yesterday. I woke up after 12 and then had my coffee. I also had a cup after dinner because I wanted to be awake for a few hours to write this blog. I have been in pain all day and for some reason my ribs hurt on my left side. I don’t know why they hurt. I caved and took a pain med when I tried to sleep and my arm said no.

I shaved my head today but I didn’t shower like I wanted to. I knew if I tried I was just going to exhaust myself because of the level of tired I am. Normally I would think the shower would wake me up but I tried that last week and I regretted it.

I’m listening to Taylor’s Speak Now album. I love this album too. I sent the blog I wrote last night to my therapist and all I got was a thank you for sharing. Nothing more. I am sure we will probably talk about it when I meet with her next week. I talked about Taylor in this blog too. I almost wrote about the song that is my therapist but I didn’t. Only because I knew she would be reading it.

I got up around 2 last night to pee and found the house freezing. Someone had turned the heat off. I turned it back up again as I didn’t want my mother to freeze. I stayed up for a little bit as I was pissed that my nephew lowered the heat. My foot flared up and it is still flared up from the aggravation. All day my toes have been painful. Dealing with pain every single day is just exhausting. I don’t know when my shoulder is going to get better. I know my CRPS ankle/foot is never going to be better. I find this difficult to cope with at times. Sometimes pain medication works and other times it does nothing because the pain is so severe. I know there will be a day that nothing will work but for now I have relief and I am grateful for that.

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