saturday blog 13112021

Saturday Blog 13112021

Today is my Godfather’s birthday and the day my Godmother died. I have been having sad feelings for most of the day. I miss them both.

I haven’t done anything today. I ordered Five Guys because I wanted a burger and fries. It was so good. I shaved my head again today. I didn’t have a good sleep. It was very interrupted as I was up every couple of hours.

My arm hurts today. I have been trying to massage the muscles but damn, they hurt so much. Any type of pressure just brings me pain. I need to put some heat on it. My ankle is still flared up. A thunderstorm is passing through right now so I think that is why it has flared up again.

I haven’t listened to music today as I got a slight headache. The tension in my neck is causing my head to hurt. My lower back has been hurting off and on today. I think it is because of the storm. I’ve had to take Miralax today because I haven’t had a bowel movement since Thurs. I hate being constipated. My whole bowel feels full but nothing is moving. I am passing gas but nothing more is coming out. Doesn’t help that I am cathing. I swear cathing just makes the constipation worse.

I have a fairly easy week next week. I just have three appointments, two in one day. But it is ok because one is a virtual appointment so I don’t have to leave the house for it. I do have to leave the house for PT. I have been doing my arm exercises but not my back. I know I should but I just hate doing them.

I have been participating in a research study about Covid and I just received the check for my participation. The check has the wrong name on it! It has my birth name instead of my legal name! I am livid!! And for this to happen during transgender awareness week, I am appalled. I emailed the coordinator that this is wrong. I didn’t say how upset I was and now am thinking I should have done so. I can’t fucking believe it. I hope it gets fixed or I am withdrawing from the study.

Taylor is on SNL tonight. I don’t know if I am going to be up that late to watch the episode. She is the musical guest so she isn’t going to play her song until the end of the show which will be like midnight or so. I haven’t been up that late in a while. I wish I could record the performance and then watch it sometime tomorrow but I don’t have a DVR.

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