pt and therapy and a sore arm

PT and therapy and a sore arm

I reluctantly went to therapy today. I had sent her a note saying I didn’t feel like coming. She was surprised I showed up anyway. We talked about my friend who is having a hard time and about coping skills. I said that I would send him a thing on DBT skills to see if that helps him. Then we talked briefly about how my sister misgendered me all weekend.

I went to PT and she dry needled my arm. It is so sore. My pec muscles were very tight and she massaged them. She also massaged my neck which felt good. I didn’t realize it was so tight. She gave me a couple of new exercises for my arm to do.

Turns out I don’t have a UTI like I thought. Why I have been going pee so much and it hurting  me is a mystery. I am on my third day of the urinary pain pills. I plan on taking them for another day and then try and stop them to see if things have settled down. I am not in a good mood about this. It is making me depressed. I don’t know what my pcp is going to do or if I am just going to be left to my own devices. I’ll find out tomorrow I guess.

3 thoughts on “pt and therapy and a sore arm

  1. proud of you for showing up despite not wanting to! Sorry you feel so depressed. About to go through more old blog posts, so your stats will get a boost! 😀 love ya 😀


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