sunday blog 05122021

Sunday blog 05122021

Yesterday was a bad day. I wasn’t feeling well mentally so I stayed in bed all day and slept. I only got up in the morning to have my habit coffee cup and a bowl of cereal. It was the only thing I ate all day. I woke up two times during the night. I don’t think I took my two bladder pills at 4 like I was supposed to. I didn’t care. One of those pills is very constipating and I still haven’t moved my bowels until today.

I need to shower today. I also want to trim my beard and shave my head. My beard is very scraggly.

I am very tired today. I have a busy week. Tomorrow I see ortho for my shoulder and then I have therapy. Tues I see an oral surgeon for consult for my wisdom teeth. Then I have to get my blood drawn for the research study I am in. This is in the morning then in the afternoon I have PT. Wed I will try and get my groceries delivered. They are still working on my front porch so I don’t want them delivered just yet. They should be finished working by then, as long as it doesn’t rain.

I have had Taylor’s songs running through my head all day. Mostly, they have been her new songs. I might switch to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Christmas album next week. I haven’t heard her in a long time. My birthday is in 18 days. I was thinking of getting filet mignon for the family but those steaks are wicked expensive. The butcher might have them cheaper than the grocery store. I have to look. I also need to get more American cheese as we used our last package. My mother is a mouse as she eats a lot of it.

My sister called me asshole again today for something her son did. I am so sick of her blaming for things he does. Pisses me off.

3 thoughts on “sunday blog 05122021

  1. so sorry yesterday was a bad day for you! You know you can always write me, ok? I am always here, and if nothing else, I can listen.
    is my email.
    I’m sorry your sister was a bitch, calling you asshole. Thats not nice.
    I hope you have a better week this week! Love, and hugs, and I’m going to get on reading more of your older posts again later on tonight! xoxo


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