sunday blog 12122021

Sunday Blog 12122021

I didn’t do much today. I have been feeling tired and kind of moody. I have been avoiding my sister because she misgendered me again last night as she threw my name into a fight she was having with my mother. Apparently all I do is sleep all day and leave a mess around the house. She also doesn’t believe I suffer from pain. She doesn’t care.

My bladder has been hurting me all day today. After every cath, I have been having pain. I am debating on getting another UA/C+S but will be crushed if it is negative again. Urine has been clear so I think it will be negative. I have no urge today so I just been going on a timer or feeling full. I finally moved my bowels this morning. I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. It was a close call.

I did my meds for the week. I am pretty stocked for at least a month for most of my meds. I just worry about the unexpected expense of something like an antibiotic or my PRN meds. Only med that I need refilled is my lorazepam. I meet with my psychiatrist this week so will get it done then. He doesn’t give me refills like my previous psych so I got to ask for it every month. I need to tell him about these frozen feelings where I feel like I can’t move. I don’t know if it is a symptom of PTSD or a side effect of medication. I hope I remember.

I am listening to Taylor’s Red (TV) and Reputation albums. Eventually I will listen to all of her songs. Her birthday is tomorrow. I can’t wait to wish her a happy birthday.

2 thoughts on “sunday blog 12122021

  1. Hugs. That frozen feeling is a response to trauma, its the freeze response. sorry your sis was being so annoying, and calling you the wrong name, and wrong gender too. Crapola!


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