coloring and other things

Coloring and other things

Last night before I went to bed I colored a dinosaur picture. I wanted to do some self-care before bed. It had been a whole day of pain. Today I have slept little and so stayed in bed till noon. I took a shower. I wanted to shave my head but I just wasn’t feeling it.

The shoulder surgeon responded to my message. He wants to do a CT with dye to look at the shoulder and soft tissues. I tried calling but didn’t get anywhere. I will try on Monday. PT wanted me to book some more appointments so I did that. We might have to focus on my back more than my shoulder if this pain continues. I have been putting heat on it but it doesn’t seem to help. I have been taking ibuprofen and that helps a little bit.

My new glasses should be here today. I am patiently waiting for them to be delivered. It probably won’t be until after 5pm. I don’t know why our deliveries are at that time but it is. I just hope the prescription isn’t too strong.

I got a pot pie in the oven for dinner. I really like these pies. I am going to continue to order them and the turkey dinner. It is so good. I had cereal for breakfast with my coffee. I only managed to have one cup of coffee today. Maybe I will have my second cup after dinner.

My therapist is taking off the week after Christmas. I am glad. She hasn’t had vacation all year. I am going to relish having a week off therapy. I still have PT to go to. But that is a different therapy. Still tiring though. I think during the break, I will read the book “Trauma and Recovery”. I had started it but I never got into it. It was required reading while I was take a trauma psych class.

I am feeling depressed about being in pain and also about my birthday coming up. I am planning a dinner date as I want filet mignon and mashed potatoes. I will be buying the meat the day of my birthday so it is fresh. I know my mother is going to get me a daughter card. I mentioned it on Twitter and my favorite friend said that I was her brother. That made me feel better.

any thoughts?

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