saturday blog 18122021

Saturday Blog 18122021

I got my new glasses today and I was stumped as to which ones were the transition and which weren’t. The ones with transition I plan on wearing all the time and just use the second pair as a backup to when I am sick of the frames. I like both glasses so it was hard to choose which one to wear but the rim frame is the transition so I am going with that.

I have been having a rough day staying awake. It’s 4pm and I am having a second cup of coffee with my dinner, which is just some quiche as I didn’t want to make a pot pie again. I have some pasta stuff but I would be the only one who eats it because of the salt content. My mother can’t eat it because of her heart condition, though she will probably eat the leftovers.

I woke up twice during the night due to having to pee. The first time was a bad dream that I don’t even remember and the second time was to pee. And did I have to go. I didn’t drink that much while I was up but my bladder was sure full when I got up around 6. I was able to quickly go back to sleep and then wake up a couple of hours later when my med alarm went off. I still didn’t get up right away. I vaguely remember having coffee and biscuits this morning. I was so tired after drinking the coffee. It was like I took a sedative. I took a nap for about three hours, waking up to pee again. I am not surprised because I had a couple glasses of water after I had my coffee and I didn’t empty before taking my nap.

I still am tired and my shoulder is sore. It is snowing so I think the weather is playing a part in my fatigue. Tomorrow afternoon I see my uro. I am glad because I have a few questions for her. I want to know if my bladder scan is worse than the previous one and if I need to see my neurosurg for it because it is getting bad again. I hope not but I am just keeping an open mind on the whole thing.

I looked up arthrogram on the web and found they do inject the joint with dye. OUCH. I will be taking 2 BT meds with me when I go for this study. I got to call Monday and schedule it. I think I can just call radiology as the order is there for the test and I have a follow up with the surgeon in Jan. I did ask if I should continue with shoulder PT until we have results.

I need to make a decision about whether or not to shave my head again. I like it when it is bald but I got to do it every other day or so and my energy levels have been terrible. I am lucky I can shower at least once a week. Chronic pain has been awful to deal with. Every day my shoulder or my foot is acting up. Sometimes at the same time. I just can’t deal. I think I am going to go to bed early again tonight because I am just so damn tired. I wonder if increase in tizanidine is causing my drowsiness. It doesn’t seem to be helping my urethra, though I haven’t had spasms since the increase so maybe it is doing something. Today I had a strong urge while cathing and I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold back. I leaked around the cath a little bit but thankfully it wasn’t a lot. I hate when this happens.

any thoughts?

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