sunday blog 19122021

Sunday blog 19122021

Today has been an interesting day on Twitter. For interesting discussion, I polled to therapists what they would do if their client/patient was suicidal but had no intent. Right now, safety planning seems to be winning, which is the right thing to do. I am glad there has been discussion around no harm contracts and their bullshit because it focuses more on the therapist’s liability than the patient/client. There also was discussion about CAMS which I absolutely loved. One grad student was trying to tell my friend and I that CAMS was superior to DBT but he wasn’t listening about what to do after the assessment of the SSF. It was some good discussion. I loved it.

I had my appointment with uro and got some good answers. I don’t need to see my neurosurgeon again. She thinks the atonic bladder is due to meds so I will have to have another study done with Dr. Creepy sometime in March without the meds. I have to stop the meds for a week and then have the study done. I asked about vaginal estrogen and she gave me some to put on after I bathe so I don’t have the suppositories. Right now my insurance isn’t covering it or there is a glitch about it at the pharmacy because I am not paying $165 for it. She said that if I do have bladder contractions, which I currently do not, I might be a candidate for botox but I don’t want fucking botox treatment. Hopefully the new uro won’t either.

After my appointment, I went on Twitter and tagged a uro I am following who told me about vaginal estrogen helping the urethra and decreasing UTIs. So I told her I am on it now for urethral pain. This sparked discussion about it. It was amazing to see doctors responding to my tweet. I got a couple new follows out of it which I was glad because now I am at 1300 followers on Twitter before my birthday which is awesome.

I had my dinner. It was good and I am so full. I am getting tired and wondering if I should make some coffee. But it is close to taking my night meds so I probably won’t have coffee. I have been drinking water from my new water bottle. It is too heavy for my left arm to hold. It is made of sturdy glass and the weight of 32 oz makes it even heavier. So I have to use my right arm to hold it. My shoulder has been hurting me all day, though it is more the muscles in my arm that hurt more than my shoulder itself. I sent a message to the surgeon about it and whether the arthrogram will show what is wrong with my muscles. I also would like to know who will be doing the injecting. I don’t want an intern doing it. I also asked him to send a message to my PT for guidance about how to help me. I sent a message to my PT that she should hopefully receive a response from him.

The funny thing with my uro was that she totally thinks I am male and so she thought I had male genitals when I brought up the vaginal estrogen, I confused her. I do hope we stay in touch. She is a great doctor. and will be missed.

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