an update to things

An update to things

I had PT last night. It was mostly dry needling and it helped so much. I still didn’t sleep well last night but that might have been because I woke up Mon at 11pm and never went back to sleep except for about a 2 hour nap before PT. I have been posting animal pictures because I have been too tired to write something. Pain has been awful. And sleep has been worse. I don’t know how to regulate my sleep at this point. I might have to do another all nighter and then sleep for a day or something.

I had a lot of knots in my muscles where I was dry needled. It was painful but it was a good pain. I have been putting heat on today whenever I can. I haven’t felt right today because the intermittent sleep I have had. I keep waking up in pain and having to move to settle it down and then I doze off in the sitting position, which hurts my neck and back.

PT was the only appointment I have this week. My therapist is on vacation and I don’t see my psychiatrist until the end of January. I have a lot of appointments in January. Nearly every week I have three appointments, sometimes two in one day. I am going to need sleep if I am to manage these appointments. Bladder issues are getting better with medication. Only thing that sucks is that taking the two tizanidine at night causes dry mouth which leads me to drinking a lot which leads to having to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

Well I guess it is good that I haven’t tried to lift a 5lb weight in my hand and do bicep curls because I just did it without the weight and my muscle screamed at me. I only did about three curls before it started yelling. This sucks. I still cannot hold a 32 oz bottle so there is no way I can hold onto a 5lb weight. That is just asking for trouble. I want to build up muscles in my arms but it is so damn hard with this injury.

I just finished having dinner and I feel so tired all of a sudden. I feel like I can go to bed right now. I won’t because there is a good chance I will wake up around midnight and be up half the night. That has been how my sleep has been going. I sleep in increments of 2-4 hours. It has been like this since my hysterectomy. Maybe I should be taking melatonin again. I don’t know. I got to come up with some routine.

any thoughts?

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