Painsomnia continues and a potential problem

Painsomnia continues and a potential problem

Since increasing my new blood pressure med, I have had some rapid heartbeats and sometimes it is pounding. Today, it happened three times. So I am holding my dose tomorrow morning and calling the doctor’s office. I hope they are open but it might be closed as New Years falls on a Saturday this year. I might have to page the on call person.

I woke up several times during the night but after putting some diclofenac gel on my arm around 130am, I wasn’t in as much pain. I’ve been using it every six hours today and it has helped the muscles but not the top of my shoulder where it is boney. I have had a hard time with it today. I have to put on some more before bed.

I had dinner kind of late tonight because I let time get away from me. I wanted a grilled cheese, which would have been easy but I chose to have the last pot pie that I had, which took more than an hour. Takes an hour to heat up and then you got to wait like 20 minutes too cool off enough so you can eat it. It is worth it though. I had a cup of tea while waiting for it to heat up. I wanted a cup of chamomile. My stomach has been off which the new medicine might be the cause. It is kind of good that I eat something close to my night time meds as then I don’t get sick from the Latuda. If I don’t have enough food in my stomach, I get nauseous.

My sister is funny. She is having a party for New Year’s so she said she will send me an Uber to pick me up. LOL I live in the same house. I just have to go down two flights of stairs. I don’t know if I will go. Depends on how much pain I am in and how much sleep I get tonight. I keep waking up at the same hours every single night. I started sleeping with a pillow and that only helps so much.

I wanted to go to the grocery store today but I was too tired and feeling weird so I didn’t go. My brother in law bought me my essentials that I needed. My coffee came so I am set with that for a while. I just hope I can sleep tonight. I really need a good night’s rest. Waking up several times a night is just making me crazy.

any thoughts?

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