champagne problems and last blog post of 2021

Champagne problems and last blog of 2021

Thought I would close out the year with Taylor’s song Champagne Problems. I am listening on repeat because I am not going to my sister’s party. I am in too much pain with my shoulder. I took some meds to hopefully quiet it down. If it feels better, I might make an appearance, if only to have an empanada. I am not going to order Chinese food like I was hoping to. I am just not in the mood.

This blog has been a holdstead for me. I have been trying to write every day but that hasn’t worked out so well. I had a stretch of 79 days together and then because I wasn’t feeling well Christmas Eve, I didn’t write and lost it. I am currently on day six in a row so there is hope I will get to 365 or even 100.

The puppy pic for today is Arlo the bulldog. I have been following him on Twitter and he has my heart. He is such a doll.

I think I am going to color in my dinosaur book, the new one I bought and then post it when it is done. Maybe it will be a blog post. I don’t know yet…

any thoughts?

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