Sunday Blog 09012022

Bladder is being finicky all day. I’ve been having to go every 2.5 hours or so.

I got my groceries today. I was doing fine until my elbow hit the doorknob and then I was done. I’ve been in excruciating pain since. I did my meds and tried to nap but I couldn’t get my arm comfortable.

I stink and need a shower but I can’t move my arm so it isn’t happening. I haven’t brushed my teeth either today. I keep forgetting to do it. Maybe before bedtime. I still haven’t tried the vag cream. I want to put it on when I am cleaner.

I had a weird dream where my sister had a baby and she left me in charge of taking care of it. Felt so real.

Sister is bitching again and I am trying not to take blame for it.

I am already in a bad mood and feel like taking something to go to oblivion. I really just want to die because of the pain I feel. My upper arm and shoulder hurt so fricken bad. It hurts just to hold a bottle of Gatorade. I don’t know when this pain is going to stop. Been three months already. I see the surgeon this week. My covid test is negative so that is good.

Snow has melted a little bit today. I fear the rest will turn to ice over the next few days as temps will be in the teens or below that. I don’t have to go out till Wed to see the surgeon. Wish I had PT. My ribs are still hurting from my near fall down the stairs the other day. I put heat on today but it didn’t help much.

I have therapy tomorrow morning that I just want to sleep through. I really don’t want to go.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blog 09012022

  1. aww hun I feel ya! I really do! I am not in pain but I am depressed and sleeping a lot. I just dont want to exist. So I feel you on that. I hope the pain goes away soon. My fingers are crossed, and thank god the covid test was negative. Xx


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