saturday blog 08012022

Saturday Blog 08012022

I had my Covid test today. I had insomnia yesterday where I was up from Midnight till around 2130. I slept through the night waking up to my med alarm at 0730. I just shut it off and went back to sleep. Around 1030 I took my meds and went back to sleep as I didn’t feel like getting up. I woke up again around 1230, checked my messages and went back to sleep what I hoped to be a half hour or so but turned into two hours. I am glad I woke up because I needed to even though I wanted to stay in bed all day.

I had a bowl of cereal and then a cup of coffee. I texted my sister to see if she was still taking me and she forgot but was still going to take me. I came back to my room and read Twitter while I waited. Around 1530 I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I wanted to take a shower because I stink but I don’t have the energy.

Yesterday was quite a day for me. I was in pain with my ankle because we had a snow storm. I ordered food and as I was heading down the stairs, I almost fell. In my quick reaction I put out my left arm to keep from falling and wrenched my shoulder in the process. I was in a lot of pain. I pulled my chest muscles so my ribs hurt so much that it hurts to breathe.

I am in less pain today but I cannot hold my new glass water bottle with my sore arm. It is too heavy for it. I was able to lift a gallon of milk today for my cereal so that was good. I took some ibuprofen for the pain. If the pain doesn’t go away, I will take some BT meds for it.

I had to report my pharmacy to the main chain manager because I was so pissed my blood pressure meds took two days to get ready and then when I went to pick them up, not only was it not ready, it was out of stock. I only got five pills! Unacceptable. I had called and was told the script would be ready in like twenty minutes. Why didn’t they notify me then it was out of stock? I wouldn’t have trudged through the snow storm to pick it up if I wasn’t going to get the whole prescription. So now I got to get it hopefully on Monday.

I finally finished Medical Apartheid. I am going to hold off on reading 1619 Project. I am reading When it is darkest now. I have designated between 6-8pm as my reading hours. I want to read at least 12 books this year.

I feel really down right now because pain is between a 7 and 8, depending on where I hurt. Ankle is still flared up. Going to be cold this weekend. I just don’t want to be anymore.

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