mlk jr day 2022

MLK Jr Day 2022

In addition to today being the 93rd birthday of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, it is also Betty White’s birthday. People are having a challenge to donate at least $5 to any animal shelter in her name. I donated to my local shelter this morning when I woke up. I had a rough night sleeping.

I had sent a scheduled text to my therapist this morning and she responded. She wants me to journal stuff and then share it. Well the trouble is we meet virtually so how the hell is she going to read something I write. I got creative and decided to put it in a word doc file and then I can share it during the meeting. I got to work on it more tonight and tomorrow. It is only like 300 words right now. I had asked my therapist a question but I guess I am back to silent treatment as she hasn’t answered me. She is such a bitch.

I am so tired because I slept like shit last night. I had pain in my ankle because of the storm and it took forever to quiet down. I think I fell asleep around 1ish. I woke up a few more times but I didn’t get up. I just moved a little bit to get more comfy and fell back to sleep. I didn’t brush my teeth today. I plan on doing it after I take my night meds.

There was a tweet that MGH needs blood so I signed up. The last time I gave blood was a couple of weeks before 9/11. I have no donated since. I don’t know why. I am a hard stick and there was only one phlebotomist that was able to get me. I am going to make sure I hydrate the day before and of so that there is no problems. What sucks is that I will be getting my blood drawn a couple of weeks later for my regular labs for the testosterone. My crit is going to be low but it is ok because I donated blood. I will let my doc know so she doesn’t freak out.

Last night as I couldn’t sleep, I filled my T bag with supplies. I was running low on stuff as it has been a while since I stocked it. I ended up putting diclofenac gel on my rub muscles and as I rubbed it in, omg it was so sore. I also put it on my deltoid muscle and pecs. It took about an hour or two to finally stop the pain so I could sleep. I ordered another tube of it because the ones I have are expired. They are still good just getting old. I also have to request a refill of my pain medication this week. I don’t know who will be filling it. I just hope I don’t have to call again this month. I do what I am supposed to I don’t understand why they have to delay filling it. It causes me so much anxiety.

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