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I have gone back to FB, temporarily because I missed seeing my friends. Part of the reason I left is because of this meme.

Had PT and after the dry needling my arm was so sore I couldn’t lift it at all. It is better now but still sore. I am supposed to put heat on but I wanted to eat, write a blog and then go to bed. I’ve already taken my meds for the night plus the meds I didn’t take at 4 because I forgot to take them before leaving the house.

I sent this tweet to my therapist and she responded with we will talk about this next session but I am not sure it is the texting itself or the tweet. We had a discussion yesterday about journaling so I started a word doc so I could share it on zoom. I had wrote a little about how I felt with this tweet in the word doc. I want to feel a connection with her and I know it can’t be 24/7 but I need to know she is there so that is why I text. The more troubling texts I send to another acct she has no access to. It is just in that moment I need to send off whatever my brain is feeling. I don’t need a response.

Today I got word that the covering doc will be my new pcp. This will be the first time in over 20 years that I have a female pcp. I see her next month. I like her. I met her only one time when my shoulder was really bad in 2020. She is the doc that recommended dry needling PT.

I am really tired. I ordered groceries and they came late. They were also delivered without notification. I was not happy. Luckily my niece went downstairs soon after they were delivered and brought them in the house. It is freezing outside so they wouldn’t spoil but still would have been nice if they told me they were there.

any thoughts?

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