blood donation and appointments

Blood donation and appointments

Yesterday took a lot out of me. I was so tired when I came home I was short of breath for a good while. I wasn’t wheezing but it took a long time for me to catch my breath. I was that tired. I spent nearly six hours out, four of them at the hospital. The café was open to visitors so I was able to have my beets salad. It was so good even though the beets were sliced instead of whole. I didn’t feel like eating chicken salad as I had my PB&J sandwich. I was so full because of the amount of drinking I was doing. I went to the bathroom like three times. I did ok for my donation. I had a good phlebotomist who got me on the first try. I told her my veins were deep and she said yes they were. She was so nice. I hope that if I donate again, I get her.

My neuro appointment went well. Nothing serious is going on with my head or nerves. I still need to be careful with my back because I have a disc that is trouble. I forgot to ask her why my thigh flares up when I give the T shot. I am not sure if the muscle is directly connected or not. I was going to ask my PT but it snowed last night and I didn’t want to deal with it so I canceled my appointment. I tried to reschedule it but she is booked.

I didn’t have a good sleep last night, tired as I was. Pain kept me up like every four hours. I got up when my med alarm went off. I am thinking of taking a shower today because I am wicked itchy for some reason and I have been sweating most of the day. The temps are just above freezing so I don’t know why I am so damn hot. My CRPS foot is cold, however, right in the bones. I had to take off the wool socks because my ankles swelled up and the elastic was hurting me. I have been trying to stay hydrated and eat today but I am not too hungry or thirsty so it has been hard.

I met with my psychiatrist today (via zoom). I asked if he wanted any blood work as I am getting my blood drawn in a couple weeks and he said no. He needed an A1c but I already had it done. We talked about donating and he was amazed that I gave. He said that I had saved someone’s life by donating. I hope so. I wish I knew if my blood was used or not but they don’t tell you. I got some juice and a long sleeve t-shirt that I really like. It doesn’t have anything on it except the blood donor center on the breast area. Today I am so pooped. I had ¾ of a black bean burger. I had coffee. I know I shouldn’t be drinking a lot of coffee while I am recovering but I am dragging. I am trying to drink Powerade and water. But it is hard to drink when you aren’t thirsty and just want to sleep.

Since Sunday, I have been having bladder pain. Urine is clear so I don’t think I have an infection. If I still have it next week, I will have my urine checked. It is just annoying. I have to go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. I am waiting for my T to be filled and then I will go. My mother wanted me to mail something for her but I am not going near a mailbox and I am not crossing the main street twice to do it. I told her I wasn’t going that way. It would take too many spoons that I don’t have. My psychiatrist validated my energy levels. I told him what happened last week when I had tried to clear my room with the help of my niece but my niece bailed on me and I got yelled at by four family members because I just left the stuff. I was called a hoarder and I told him I don’t have an emotional connection to the recycles I just don’t have the energy to take it downstairs. I still haven’t touched my trash bag only because it is a little out of reach and stuff is everywhere. I am overwhelmed with trying to get it together to throw out. I will try and get it together before Thursday when it is trash day. I have an early appointment that day so I can take out the bag and put it in the bin when I leave. This will take some planning on my part. Of course it all depends if I get up early enough. Otherwise, all bets are off.

any thoughts?

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