cardiac issues and new pcp

Cardiac issues and new pcp

Last week I had some palpitations and I high HR of 156 after I bent down to pick something up and then stood up. I had to lay on my bed for a bit for it to calm down. I attributed it to the new blood pressure med I was taking but now I am not so sure. saw PCP today and she is concerned about the episodes. I have to have a Holter monitor for 14 days to record these events. so far today I have been keeping an eye on my heart rate since I have been home. I am still in the 90s to 110s, goes extremely high if I move fast, walk, go up or even down stairs. doc wants me to keep a log of all that happens and what I am doing. I just hope I don’t end up in the ED. she said that if an episode lasts more than 30 mins I need to go to the ED. My heart rate was a little high at the office but settled down once I was seated for a bit. My BP was high both times they took it but pcp isn’t worried about that so much right now. I had blood work done and all is normal, even my cholesterol.

I bought a new BP monitor as the one I was using was not accurate. also got a pulse ox that was like $20. I will get that tomorrow. I hope the Holter monitor gets here before the storm. I have no idea who is going to call me about it or how to pick it up. I am kind of scared about this. I wish she would have just put me on the beta blocker but she said that would mask what was going on with my heart. She is thinking of putting me on HCT but I fear I will be living in the bathroom if I do. Bad enough I am going every 2-3 hours, less if the urge is present.

I got a headache because I am tired. I have been up since 640. I had set the alarm for 6 and it was a good thing that bladder had to be emptied because otherwise I might have slept through my appointment. It was 7 degrees when I left the house. So fricken cold. Glad I was wearing a mask. It kept my face warm.

any thoughts?

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