a day of rest and feeling like shit

A day of rest and feeling like shit

Yesterday I didn’t do anything. I was still pretty sore from PT. I had a really hard time sleeping. I was up like every hour and just could not get into a good sleep. I was tired for most of the day. I wasn’t in a lot of pain but I just felt shitty. Today is more of the same except I got sleep. My med alarm went off at 7 because I forgot to change the time to 8. I didn’t want to get up. I stayed in bed a couple more hours and then emptied my bladder even though I didn’t have the urge. I then had a cup of coffee. My niece was in the kitchen painting and had taken up nearly half of the kitchen table. We talked as I drank my coffee. She broke the cover of the sugar bowl. Her mother is not going to be happy about it. I can already hear the yelling.

I’ve been craving pizza so I ordered it today. I wanted a coke but the place had pepsi so I got that. When it was delivered, I was delivered a coke. Score. My mother is making broccoli. She is probably going to make pasta with it for supper.

I wanted to go out to get half and half but I placed a grocery order instead. It will be coming tomorrow. I hope that they give me all that I ordered unlike last time. I need Gatorade! Figures tomorrow is supposed to rain. I should reschedule the delivery but I don’t feel like waiting. I will make sure to ice the stairs. Supposed to be cold tomorrow. Boston public schools just announced that they are closed due to the weather. They never closed school when I was going.

I had an idea for my memoir. I think I am going to write about the discrimination about weight for breast surgery. That has been my only trouble in getting surgery is my weight. I need to look into it to get ideas about how to write about it.

Around 2p today I got palpitations and my heart rate went to 112 just with me sitting on my bed reading Twitter. I wasn’t reading anything disturbing but I felt my heart beat. It is ok now but it scared me. I am having rib pain and I sent a message to pcp asking what I should look for if I am having a heart attack. This pain has been going on for the past two hours but I had it before. They said that the pain would be radiating and down arm, neck, shoulder, jaw. I would also have nausea. So that is some stuff to keep an eye on when I am having these stupid episodes.

I got a call from the LGBTQ clinic saying they had an opening in their chronic pain support group. I left them a message to call me tomorrow to set up a time to meet. I was on their waitlist for more than a year. If It pans out, I will send a message to my psychiatrist to tell him. I don’t see him till the end of March due to scheduling. So ridiculous I have to wait an entire month to see him.

any thoughts?

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