icy day in Boston

Icy day in Boston

I had groceries delivered this morning but my Gatorade AND Powerade were not delivered as they were “out of stock”. I will receive a credit for it in the next few days. Fucking sucks. I will have to go to the store next week and stock up on it. I am glad I didn’t have the Holter monitor on as my heart rate went up to nearly 190 after coming up the stairs with the groceries. It settled down with rest. I had to make a few trips as it was just me to carry them up the stairs.

I started writing this yesterday but never got to finish it. It is now Saturday. It is still cold as it is 20 degrees outside. It is sunny out so I hope some snow melt but it isn’t likely with a temp of 20. Last night I got hit with some really bad bladder pain and really got my mood low. I didn’t want to do anything and there was nothing really for me to take. A friend suggested ibuprofen so I gave that a try. I was still hurting hours later. I am still hurting today. I have no urge to go so I am on a timer again.

I made coffee this morning but I didn’t drink it all. I had a bowl of cereal. For lunch I had pancakes and a cup of tea. I feel more awake with the tea than I did with the coffee. I also took some Miralax as I haven’t had a BM since Tues. I am stressing out about this because I hate being constipated. I have been passing gas but nothing else is moving.

I was hoping to hear from the Holter monitor people yesterday but I didn’t. I am going to wait until Mon before I contact my pcp’s office to tell them I haven’t heard from them. I still think being on a beta blocker would solve the issues I am having. I just need to convince my pcp to put me on it.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I kept on having weird dreams. I kept waking up every few hours from the dreams. I feel really tired. I might take a nap soon. I need to find the box that has my little sterile cups in them. I want to test my urine to make sure I don’t have an infection. I bought some chem sticks off Amazon. I was shocked that it was so easy. Sometimes you can’t get medical stuff unless you have a healthcare account. This will save me the trouble of having to go into Boston to get my urine cultured. I won’t go unless the dipstick is positive.

I just had dinner of stuffing and cranberry sauce. I was going to put it in a wrap but I didn’t close the bag right and they all hardened. I just wanted comfort food tonight.

any thoughts?

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