Sunday Blog 06022022

Sunday blog 06022022

I got up well after noon. I didn’t want to get up. I took my morning meds because I had to pee and then I went back to sleep. I woke up hungry so decided to get up. I had brushed my teeth earlier and was happy about it. I need to take a shower today. I did my med boxes for the week. I am experimenting with not taking senna this week and only taking Miralax.

I did some research on BMI and top surgery and found an article that says weight loss is not necessary for obese patients. I am going to take this to my appointment in April. It was written last year so I hope my surgeon is up to date. I feel relieved about this. I just got to worry about financing the surgery, should it come to that.

I need to take a shower today. I also would like to shave my beard, not clean off just trim it a little. I just need to find the energy for it. I am still tired. I don’t know why because I slept ok. I don’t remember waking up in the middle of the night. I did get up around 0130 to pee but I was able to get back to sleep.

My catheters were delivered today. I got to check to see if I owe a balance or not. My new insurance is tricky and has some weird copay system. Of course, they didn’t explain it in the benefits package they sent when you signed up for it. I just hope the surgeon takes it.

any thoughts?

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