another day of running around

Another day of running around

I got a message back from my doc that they do want a urine sample so I said that I would go today. I had my coffee and a little something to eat while my phone charged. After I finished my coffee, I went upstairs to my room. I checked to see when the next bus would get here. It would be twenty minutes. My phone was fully charged so I got dressed. I made sure I had a couple of caths in my jeans pocket. I didn’t feel like carrying a bag.

I got on the bus and it was full. A guy yelled at me to watch what I was doing but it isn’t my fault if your daughter keeps her feet out where people can trip over them. I got mad. He wasn’t wearing his mask properly and never does while he is on the bus. He will wear it properly when he is off the bus. I don’t get it. Anyway I just wanted to get to where I was going and go back home. I got to the hospital and there was a wait. People couldn’t follow the simple instructions of waiting for your number to be called twice. I was getting so annoyed. There was an employee who kept coming in checking on the flow of the waiting room, telling people where to go or where to sit. There was no distancing in this room and I think that annoyed me more than anything.

I was finally called and quickly gave a sample and left. I took the stairs down because I didn’t want to wait for the elevator. As I was walking back to the station, I was getting tired and thought I might need to sit down but I persevered through the back pain and legs that felt like lead. I forgot the monitor again so if I got another palpitations attack, I wouldn’t be able to record it. While waiting for the train to come, I got a text from the pharmacy that my meds were ready to be picked up. I dreaded this as I knew my heart rate was going to double or triple itself by the time I got home.

There was a line at the pharmacy and then an impatient woman got behind me and kept saying shit. She wasn’t there longer than I was yet she was saying that she was. Fucking bitch. I hate people like that. I paid for my meds and walked home. No sooner was I near three houses away, I started to get short of breath and I could feel my heart race. I had to stop when I got to my house. I rested for a little while and then went up the stairs. I took my jacket off and placed it where I always do then went upstairs huffing and puffing. I washed my hands then went up to my room. My heart rate was over 150. I put the monitor on and called it in. It took almost twenty minutes for it to come down. Then I went downstairs for something and it went back up again. I didn’t use the monitor again.

My sister texted me saying that my mother wants to return the pedal exerciser I bought because she can’t get her feet in the pedals. Luckily, we still had the box to put it in or we would be screwed. My mother told me she couldn’t get her foot on with her slippers on so she was going to try her sneakers but her foot hurt. Fuck it, it is going back. I already did the paperwork. I just got to print it out and attach it to the box. UPS will pick it up tomorrow.

I am taking my night meds early tonight and going to bed. I am fucking exhausted. Urinalysis came back negative so chances are good that I don’t have an infection. The culture for the vagina should be back tomorrow. I haven’t noticed any change since taking the yeast infection pill. I still got discharge. I am not happy about it. I hate that there is no reason why my bladder hurts other than it is neurogenic. I wonder if it is a kind of nerve pain or something. I don’t know I am going to take a nap before I go to sleep.

any thoughts?

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