things in two today

Things in twos today

My cousin didn’t bail on me today so I went to the grocery store. I bought two bags of Powerade and Gatorade, all that I could reach as it was on the top fricken shelf. I didn’t have the self check out thing so I had to scan each bottle at the checkout. Then the stupid computer was yelling at me that the bagging area was full, twice! I came home and was winded carrying the stuff up the stairs. On my last trip I took my heart rate and it was 177 so I recorded the event. I rested for about two hours before I left for PT.

PT was good. I am making progress in my shoulder movements and I was cleared to do bicep and tricep curls. She showed me how to do it while lying down which made it easier. I can’t use 5 lbs for the triceps but I can do it for the right side. The left side I need to use 2lbs, which is like a 32 oz bottle. No problem there, I just bought a few. She dry needled my pectoral muscle as there was a knot that was there and it prevented me from moving my arm up. She also did my trapezius but those muscles were so damn tired afterwards it didn’t make a difference. I could barely lift my arm it was so sore.

After PT, I caught the bus to the Square and decided to do some more grocery shopping. I forgot to get eggs on my first trip so I got that. I also got something to eat at there sandwich place as I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I got a turkey and brie wrap. It was so delicious. I had a mocha with it. I had one paper bag for all that I bought so I asked my sister for a ride home. I knew the bag wasn’t going to make it by public transportation.

She came and got me and I put everything away. I was feeling okay and then went up the stairs to my room. I got the palpitations again and my heart rate was 160. I put the monitor on to record the event again. This is the first time I had to use it twice it one day. I sent a message to my pcp about it so they are aware of it. This episode feels different though. After the palpitations and heart pounding I felt like a flutter in my chest. I am also kind of sleepy. I am just so tired. But then I have had a long day. I am glad tomorrow I don’t have to do anything.

any thoughts?

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