events of the day

Events of the day

I woke up and I didn’t want to get up. I had basically set three alarms so that I would be up before 8am but it failed. I got up around 850. I had just enough time to use the bathroom, brush my teeth, and then have a cup of coffee. I left the house without a bag so I didn’t have any catheters or something to drink. So much for trying to give a urine sample today and my pcp wanted one. I asked if I could come by tomorrow to give it.

PCP’s appointment went well. She thinks I have a yeast infection but did a culture as well. I don’t think I have a yeast infection as the discharge isn’t white and chunky like it has been in the past when I have had yeast infections. I also don’t have an itch. Because I am only a week into the Holter monitoring, we will wait to see what the results say. I have another week of carrying this around. I also did not bring it with me today.

I came home tired. My heart rate was up so I did a recording when I came into my room. I called it in and the lady took the playback. I wanted to take a nap but I was also hungry. I had a bowl of cereal and then it was time for group. It was my first meeting for the chronic pain group. It went well. I told the group that because of my PT schedule, I won’t be joining for a couple of weeks or I might pop in a for a few minutes here and there between now and the end of March or until my PT schedule changes.

Today I used the elevator at the T and both elevators that I used today had urine in it. I don’t understand why as there was a damn bathroom at one of the stations. UGH. Hate people who do that. I reported one of the elevators but I didn’t get a response from the T. figures.

I am wicked tired so I probably will be going to bed early. I want a cup of tea but I am too lazy to get up and make it. I have all day tomorrow to rest. That is the plan unless the doctor really wants a urine sample then I will go back into Boston to give a sample. I am hoping she can do without.

any thoughts?

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