Spring Training has begun

Spring Training has begun!

I am so happy. Today was the first day of Spring Training games. Sox beating the Twins 10-1 last I checked. I saw about an inning of play while making dinner. I thought I bought taco mix and instead it was Caribbean seasoning. Not what I wanted. So I just had plain ground beef with shredded cheese on it. It is what I like anyways. I forgot to buy sour cream.

I was pretty tired today. I had shit sleep again. I woke up every couple of hours. The weird dreams kept waking me up. I didn’t want to get up this morning. I was late in taking my meds. I am still having urinary symptoms. I don’t feel well. I got such a bloody headache. Blood pressure has been high all day the two times I took it. I felt dizzy earlier and it was 150/99. PCP’s RN got back to me about it. Doc wants to put me on a new Beta blocker. I asked if I could go on labetalol as it helps with my anxiety as well. I have been on it before and it works well with minimal side effects.

I got four appointments next week. I have therapy on Mon, TG doc and chronic pain group Tues, and Psychiatrist on Thurs. I am going to be tired. I hope therapy goes better than it did this week. I have stopped texting her during the week as she didn’t like it.

I wanted to read my book today but I never got a chance to. I was hoping to finish reading it by the end of the month. I got to seriously make time to read it. I am trying to have a routine but things end up coming up that wrecks it. Some days I am too tired to read so just lay on my bed instead. I can’t wait till they allow seating at Starbucks again. Maybe I will go out there tomorrow as I really haven’t left the house all week.

2 thoughts on “Spring Training has begun

  1. I am glad you have the games to watch, but I am sorry your not feeling well. I can relate to that. Today was a shit day for me with the covid symptoms. Sending a big hug of support your way!


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